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9th Annual Meeting HTAI Bilbao. Workshop Sessions: Introduction to handling missing outcome and cost data in the economic evaluation of RCTs (

Half Day Workshop, Sunday - June 24th, 9.00 – 12.30 p.m.

Missing data is a common occurrence in randomised clinical trials (RCTs). Failure to handle missing data appropriately may result in biased estimates and ultimately the wrong policy decision. The course will provide solutions to the specific problems arising from missing and censored data on costs and quality-adjusted life years in economic evaluation alongside RCTs.

The course is suitable both for those conducting economic evaluations alongside RCTs and for those HTA professionals appraising evidence submitted by manufacturer's and academic groups. No expertise in statistics is required. The course will assume that participants are familiar with the basic concepts of economic evaluation, such as costs, quality-adjusted life years, RCTs, and decision rules in cost-effectiveness analysis.

Curso de especialización en " Economic Evaluation of Health, Safety and Environmental Programs" del 4 al 26 de Junio, 2012

Organizadores: Indiana University y Universidad Pública de Navarra

Coordinadores académicos: Dr. Kerry Krutilla ( Indiana University) y Dra. Ariadna García Prado ( Universidad Pública de Navarra)

Lugar: Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona

Destinatarios del curso: estudiantes graduados o en el último año de la carrera, estudiantes de post-grado, o profesionales.

Requisitos: Inglés ( el curso se imparte íntegramente en inglés)

Créditos: 4,6 ETCS

Acreditación sanitaria y de formación continuada para los profesionales sanitarios.
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